This idea of a smartwatch is not new with quite a few companies diving into the wearable gadget bandwagon. A smartwatch with multiple functions, working as a computer, a communication device and also a mini-television, just remember inspector Gadget, he used to have one.

The New York Times reported Sunday that Apple is playing with this concept and currently experimenting on a wrist watch like device made out of curved glass that will be powered by iOS and will be loaded with some of Apple’s features such as Siri and Maps. Back in December 2012 there were reports that Intel was working with Apple to develop a smart watch.

At the moment, everything is just hearsay and rumor, as Apple declined to comment on its future plans regarding an iWatch. Yet, Mr. Bruce Tognazzini, the man behind Apple’s Interface Guidelines, recently wrote on his blog about a possible release of an iWatch, as an educated guess, not based on insider information.