Users will get the option of downloading the add-on the next time they visit Mega. Mozilla carried out a preliminary review of the add-on and the non-profit organization has dubbed the extension as ‘secure and invisible.’ The Firefox extension improves performance of downloads and enables users to download an infinite number of files by batch without any size constraints.

Announcing the release of the add-on, Dotcom tweeted that using the extension users will be able to “enjoy blazing transfer speeds.” Following this announcement, Dotcom iterated that this was just the stage 1 of his master plan and that there is more to come. “#Mega will become an Internet liberation giant. You are witnessing stage 1 of the master plan.” Dotcom Tweeted.

In related Mega news, Vikram Kumar has taken over the reins of the new cloud storage company. Kumar noted in a blog post some of the reasons behind his decision to join Mega. Prominent among those decisions include an opportunity to join a New Zealand based company, the values of Mega – openness, innovation, privacy, and security, and Mega’s interest in pushing the cloud services and Internet services ahead.