Described by The Document Foundation as “the free office suite the community has been dreaming of since 2001”, the office suite comes with minimal visual improvements like the manner in which it renders dialog boxes and support for Firefox Personas themes. Announcing the release, TDF said that the new code base is dramatically different from the previous one as millions of lines of code have been added and removed to solve bugs, regression and to introduce new features.

In terms of improvements the Writer will now allow users to attach comments to text ranges; the word processor has been equipped with interpreter capabilities for the Logo programming language; better interoperability with document formats such as DOCX and RTF; capability to import Microsoft Publisher documents, etc.

Users can also control the Impress presentation tool through an Android application, which his yet to be released and that works with some Linux versions of the office suite as of now. TDF has said that developers are currently working to bring the feature to Windows, Mac OS X and other Linux versions of the office suite.

Details about other changes can be found in the release notes.