According to discussion on reddit  the little piece of Javascript code at the bottom of the source code view is nothing but the piece that governs how the status bar progresses. The script has been written brilliantly and is cryptic to a great extent. Going by the explanation given by one the creator of the discussion, the jailbreak will be launching at 12:00pm EST today i.e. February 4, 2013.

Confirmed by Pod2g in an interview, the untethered jailbreak that works on iOS 6.0 through iOS 6.1 was teased by the evad3rs team after a couple of days of the confirmation following which the jailbreak team launched their site evasi0n.

There is quite a stir on Twitter and reddit at the moment about the release of the jailbreak and members of the evad3rs team – pod2g and MuscleNerd are busy answering queries of the eagerly awaiting jailbreaking fans.


[Update: 04/02/2013] The progress bar just hit 100{b2f8038cca59418a55fa2a773bdd1308d9b98f2083b1773270b153fdacce5890}. But no news of the jailbreak.

Stay tuned for more.