In a move that seems to be a direct result of last year’s Megaupload seizure and closure, Mediafire is claiming that it aims to prevent “unauthorized sharing of copyrighted audio and video.” Mediafire doesn’t have a problem with a user accessing his or her own files uploaded to the cyberlocker but, once these files are shared with 3rd parties, it believes that it becomes a case of piracy and copyright infringement.

“[…] but there is a difference between accessing your own files and sharing them with a 3rd party. We do not allow sharing of copyrighted materials. When a user attempts to perform that action, we show an error message,” said MediaFire co-founder Tom Langridge while talking to TorrentFreak.

To check if users are sharing copyrighted material Mediafire uses AudibleMagic. The cloud storage company claims that it is committed towards protecting its users and AudibleMagic allows it to do just that. Users whose files are flagged by Mediafire will receive a notice as to what has actually happened. Langridge assured that files uploaded by users will not be removed and they will remain accessible to the original uploaded through their private accounts.