Guo’s system, dubbed Avalon V1, not only mines Bitcoin at a much faster rate, it also offers an impressive price-to-performance ratio and consumes a lot less power as compared to GPU-based system available today. According to tests carried out by the Bitcoin Foundation, the Avalon V1 churned out “89 gigahashes of raw crypto-juice every second.”

The Foundation noted that such amount of calculations were possible with nearly 250 Radion HD 5850 graphic cards each consuming 200 watts of power. But the Avalon V1 managed to pull this off by consuming only 600 watts of power.

“This is equal to roughly 250 Radeon HD 5850 graphics cards. And while each of those graphics cards would suck up 200 watts, the Avalon V1 takes only 500-600 watts in total”, notes the Foundation in a blog post.

Given the capability of the Avalon V1, it will provide its users with nearly $300 worth of Bicoins every day. But, these numbers will definitely decline as time passes and as more and more number of ACISs are in place because to prevent inflation the cryptographic difficulty of mining shall also increase.

The Avalon V1 system is available for order now at $1,499. Users, who want to increase the mining power of their Avalon, can go ahead with a $499 upgrade module that would boost the mining power of the system by 25 per cent.