The revelation has already got gaming gurus and analysts thinking as to what will Sony be unveiling on the day and will the PlayStation 4 be finally be unwrapped. Sony hasn’t given any information about the event to be held on February 20 and has only revealed that it wants to discuss something about its PlayStation business.

PlayStation 3 was launched back in 2005 and it took nearly 2 years before it was available across the world but, it has managed to sell well over 70 million units across the globe. Back in 2011, Sony had organized such an event to launch its PlayStation Vita handheld gaming console.

Some of the rumours surrounding the PlayStation 4 range from its name – Obris to its capabilities to present games in stereoscopic 3D at Ultra HD 4K resolution. Bizarre rumours are also going on wherein it is claimed that users will only be able to play downloadable games. This is a really strange one considering the high-graphic games that will be developed and uneven bandwidth distribution across the globe where downloading of massively games will be like a never-ending wait.