Cupertino has blocked Java completely this time around by updating its XProtect such that it blocks all versions of Java on all version of Mac starting from OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. Apple went about blocking Java earlier this month when a major vulnerability was discovered in Java code. The discussions about the blockade can be found on this thread.

Oracle, at that time, said that the vulnerability wasn’t as major as being portrayed, but later on admitted that the security hole was a major issue thereby releasing a patch to plug the holes.

It’s not just Apple that is blocking Java; browser companies like Mozilla have also taken precautionary measures earlier and has recently implemented blockade on auto-load of plug-ins. Mozilla didn’t point the reason of this functionality to Java, but it is understood nonetheless. The iPad maker has also stopped bundling Java in OS X by default.

From the looks of it Oracle is definitely on the back bench as hackers have been releasing major 0-day exploits over the last two months and the database company is having tough times to keep up with them. Many are of the opinion that Oracle’s approach towards Java’s security is lackadaisical and if this goes on, developers will be forced to look at other alternatives in a bid to protect their software and hence their users.