The evad3rs group has been formed by iOS researchers and jailbreakers Planetbeing, Pimskeks, MuscleNerd and Pod2g and they have been working on an untethered jailbreak since the launch of iOS 6.0. It’s been quite a long time since iOS 6 has been out and the absence of a jailbreak for post-A4 iDevices had led people to believe that iOS jailbreak was to be a history.

But, it seems that Apple hasn’t done quite enough to secure iOS 6 and evad3rs have managed to find loopholes which have led them to a successful untethered jailbreak of all Apple devices. Pod2g confirmed on Sunday that a working jailbreak was ready and that they were waiting for the release of iOS 6.1 GM to launch it publicly.

Apple released iOS 6.1 GM a day after and evad3rs teased the launch of iOS 6.1 jailbreak on Super Bowl Sunday through a tweet. The jailbreak from evad3rs is said to support all the iDevices – the iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS, iPod Touch 4th generation and 5th generation and both the iPad Mini and iPad 3rd & 4th generation.

In their first ever tweet, launched their iOS 6 jailbreak site – evasi0n. The current status of the site reads, “We are in the process of finishing the GUI. Come back soon!” From the looks of it, their next step is going to be a “private beta testing”.

The site is minimal as of now and the buttons for downloading the jailbreaking tool for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows operating systems are disabled.

Stay tuned for updates.