According to Global Web Index by Trendstream, Google+ closed 2012 with over 343 million active users as compared to Twitter’s 288 million active users. Facebook led the pack with over 693 million active users. Despite the 40 per cent growth in terms of “active usage” which Twitter witnessed last year it wasn’t able to maintain the second spot.

As it stands 51 per cent of the social networking population actively uses Facebook followed by 25 per cent Google+, 21 per cent YouTube and 21 per cent Twitter.  Despite the growth in the number of users of these sites, it is not even across all countries. China saw a substantial fall in the number of users following saturation in market and probable shift from traditional social networking to forums and blogs because of privacy issues.

Unlike the belief of many, Google+ grew substantially in terms of active usage by 27 per cent. YouTube, even though doesn’t count as a social network, managed to rake in quite a few active users and ranked third.