Announcing the price cuts, RIM noted in its developer blog that this move is one of the several changes it has planned in preparation for the upcoming BlackBerry 10 launch. The first countries to be benefited with this change are the UK and European countries.

Considering UK, the current minimum app cost is set at £1.00 and after the changes in the pricing tier takes effect; the new minimum price will be £0.75. In case of France, the lowest tier is set at €0.99 and after the changes the new minimum cost will be €0.89. RIM will be rolling out the new tier changes in other countries soon.

RIM believes that the new pricing update will help developers be more competitive while ensuring that customers can get apps at lower costs than before. Explaining the reason behind the update RIM notes, “The goal of this adjustment is to ensure prices are in line with currency fluctuations and ensure content within BlackBerry World is competitive.”

RIM is to roll out the new pricing to owners of all BlackBerry devices and is more or less a warm up session before the much delayed BlackBerry 10 launch event to be held on January 30.