Available as a free download the game has been rated ‘Adults Only’ because of the blood and violence. The open-source game is free to download and is powered by the ‘ioquake3’ fork of the engine that Quake III runs on – id tech 3 engine. Modifications have been made to the gameplay by removing the copyrighted material and adding new free content.

The multiplayer game can be played without having to go through the Pi Store and it can also be run on a Dedicated server. There are some known issues as well which the Foundation has already provided solutions for.

After the order limit on the Raspberry Pi was lifted back in July last year, there has been a tremendous demand and increase in sales of the credit card sized computer. The Foundation continued its work in improvement of the board and in September last year came out with a revision 2.0 of the board.

Just about a week after the release of the new board, a team of researchers managed to build a cluster computer using the Raspberry Pi and Lego. With demand for higher processing power from enthusiasts, the Foundation released an official ‘Turbo Mode’ patch for the Pi the same month.

Further developments on Raspberry Pi included the availability of a camera module that could record 1080p videos, Minecraft pocket edition and the production of $25 variant of the Pi.

Download the game from the Pi Store here.