Through the new service, which is only available in the US East region for now, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is targeting verticals such as health care, social networking, analytics, advertising that require real-time data processing while achieving high performance. Prominent example of such an application is SAP’s HANA in-memory analytics platform.

Companies looking to go for big data are the ones that AWS may specifically target. Explaining the need high-memory instance, Vice President of compute service at AWS, Peter DeSantis said, “Memory-intensive workloads such as real-time applications used by healthcare providers, social networking companies and advertising technology providers require large amounts of memory to maintain high-performance.”

“We designed the High Memory Cluster instances specifically for these workloads”, he added.

Going into technical details, Amazon has revealed that the high-memory clusters will be available to customers in both Windows as well as Linux. The new instances will come equipped with 244 GiB (262GB) of RAM, two 120 GB solid state drives (SSD) and will be powered by two Intel Xeon E5-2670 processors giving a total of 88 EC2 Compute Units of compute capacity.

Amazon has revealed that the high-memory instances will be available for other regions in near future.