SixthSense, Pranav’s invention, is basically a device that is combination of three major things: camera, projector and a mirror. The device can be instructed to click photos through hand gestures as well project a phone keypad on any surface including hands to dial a number and make a call. The virtual keypad is shown in the photograph above. Pranav also holds a patent of such a device (US 2010/0199232) and can be seen presenting the device here.

This is the idea that Google seems to have nicked from A to Z. In the patent application, Google has explained that through the virtual input device a pattern can be projected on a hand and users can select items from the virtual pattern through the opposite hand.

“A pattern for a virtual input device can be projected onto a “display hand” of a user, and the camera may be able to detect when the user uses an opposite hand to select items of the virtual input device”, reads the patent application abstract.

Below is one of the images from the patent application that Google has filed. Spot any similarities?

You would have read Larry Page’s recent interview with Wired where the CEO and co-founder of Google claimed that he expects his employees to create products that are not just improvements over current products but are 10 times better than those created by the competition. Our question to Larry, what improvements does this particular idea offer?

I presume, don’t use fingers for projecting virtual keypad but, use the palm!