GitHub announced through a blog post that “three millionth person signed up for a GitHub account” on Monday night. “That’s three million developers building software better, together” added GitHub.

The code sharing site is based on the distributed version control system – Git developed by Linus Torvalds and was launched back in April 2008. It achieved its first million users after over three years in September 2011 and managed to add another million users taking the tally the 2 million registered users in August 2012. GitHub reached the 3 million user milestone in just 5 months indicating that the service is gaining popularity within the developer community.

GitHub is used for well-known projects like jQuery, Perl, PHP, Ruby as well as Joomla. The service also offers free hosting to developers of open source projects. Through the commercial service – GitHub Enterprise, the code sharing site allows customers to have a local version of the software on their servers. Developers can also create private repositories for their proprietary software.

The site found extensive usage as a collaboration platform when Linux kernel developers started using the service back in 2011 while site was down following an attack.