The discovery was made by a joint team of researchers that was led by Professor Lee Sang-young of Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology. The team developed a fluid-like polymer electrolyte used in lithium-ion batteries.

According to the researchers, conventional batteries that use liquefied electrolytes are inflexible and are at the risk of explosion. The new electrolyte though flexible is made of solid materials hence making the batteries more stable than the lithium-ion batteries used today.

“Because the new battery uses flexible but solid materials, and not liquids, it can be expected to show a much higher level of stability than conventional rechargeable batteries” said an official of Korean Science Ministry notes Korean Joongang Daily.

The process of creating these flexible batteries is faster than that used to manufacture conventional batteries. The new flexible polymer electrolyte is spread on electrodes which are then blasted with UV light for about 30 seconds.

“The unique structural design and well-tuned rheological characteristics of the UV-curable electrolyte mixture, in combination with direct UV-assisted nanoimprint lithography, allow the successful fabrication of polymer electrolyte in geometries not accessible with conventional materials”, notes the abstract of the research paper.