Starting December 30, Uplay users started flocking the forums complaining about the emails they received stating that their email address and password have been changed. Many users said that they were not able to login to the platform and that there was no one to reach to for support during the holidays.

Users reported that their emails were changed to uplay[somerandomnumber] indicating that a single entity was behind the hijackings. The forum posts and support requests triggered an investigation by Ubisoft and the company is currently looking into the matter.

In an official update Ubisoft revealed that they were looking into the matter and advised users that they change their passwords on other online services. “We are investigating the origin of these hijackings. In the mean time, if you have had your account compromised make sure you check and change the passwords of all of your important online services”, said Ubisoft Support.

“Customer support is here to help while the security team works on it and we are giving the accounts back to the rightful owners.”

There is no credible evidence as yet regarding the people responsible for this but, some forum users suspect that it’s some Russian hackers who may be behind the hijackings.

We will update the story as and when we hear something more. Do check back.