Announcing the development, Charles H Schulz announced “That’s it, folks, that’s the real deal. The statutes we had submitted to the French authorities have been approved, which means that the OpenMandriva Association is now fully incorporated and functional.”

This means that the organization that is overlooking and governing the development of the Mandriva Linux distribution is legally independent and autonomous. Establishment of the foundation and turning Mandriva into a community-run distribution took over six months. Schulz notes in the blog that they are looking forward to 2013 as the “year of our rebirth”.  Schulz is asking for few more weeks of patience by which the infrastructure will be ready.

Mandriva S.A., the commercial company behind the project stated in a blog post that it welcomes the newly formed OpenMandriva Association and that it will work with it in a mutually beneficial way. “Mandriva S.A is pleased by these news, and welcomes the OpenMandriva Association as a partner it will work with in a mutually beneficial way.”