With a punch line ‘A campaign to remove the need for paper from “paperwork”’ the Paperless 2013 campaign is meant to get businesses go paperless thereby saving cost, time and above all trees. The coalition also has companies like Manilla, Expensify, HelloSign and Fujitsu ScanSnap as its members.

The campaign website notes that according to the US Environmental Protection Agency, an average office work uses as many as 10,000 sheets of paper every year.  HelloFax founder and CEO said in a canned statement “For the first time, it’s easy to sign, fax, and store documents without ever printing a piece of paper. It’s finally fast and simple to complete paperwork and expense reports, to manage accounting, pay bills and invoice others. The paperless office is here – we just need to use it.”

As it stands the coalition doesn’t include any other cloud storage provider except Google Drive and in terms of e-signing solution, there is no other provider except HelloSign. It seems that the companies are in for gaining a few users of their own but, the coalition doesn’t have any strings attached as of now and is purely complimentary.

The campaign will be providing monthly newsletters for now on signup with more activities already planned. You can take a pledge at their official site.