In an interview with IEEE Spectrum, Parviz provided insights into Project Glass, the reasons behind having such a gadget and what’s there for the project in near future. Parviz revealed that there were two reasons behind Project Glass – one being the need for “a device that would see the world through your eyes and allow you to share that view with other people” and the second being “to have a technology that would allow people to access information very, very quickly.”

When asked on the Project Glass and augmented reality, Parviz said that augmented reality wasn’t the ‘immediate’ goal of Project Glass but, he didn’t rule out the possibility. “…I think in the future that augmented reality will also come into the picture.”

Google’s advert about Project Glass showcases use of quite a few apps and Parviz, when asked about them, stated that they are trying out new ideas and ways in which the platform can be used while also trying to make the platform more robust. There is no specific feature set that Google has been talking about and “It is still in flux.”

Advertising and Google almost go hand in hand and one wouldn’t be wrong to assume that the search engine giant would want to earn more ad dollars from this gadget as well. But, contrary to this, Parviz revealed that there were no plans for advertising on Google Glass.

If things go as per Google’s plans, developers may expect these gadgets delivered to them early this year.