The new release brings with it improved stability and some new features including new Intel GPU driver with GEM/KMS support; ZFS improvements; Jail devfs, nullfs, zfs mounting and configuration file support; sfxge driver for 10Gb Ethernet adapters based on Solarflare SFC9000 controller among others. Installation methods of FreeBSD 9.1 haven’t changed much and it can be installed through bootable ISOs or over the network or using a USB memory stick.

FreeBSD has revealed that the 9.1 version if an extended support release and that it will be supported by the security team till December 31, 2014. Because of the delay in launch of 9.1 the end-of-life of version 9 has been extended to March 31, 2013.

“9.1-RELEASE is an extended support releases and will be supported by the FreeBSD Security Team until it’s End-of-Life (EoL) date of December 31st 2014”, reads the release announcement. “As 9.1-RELEASE got delayed, the EoL of 9.0-RELEASE has been pushed to March 31st 2013 to allow people sufficient time to upgrade”, it reads further.

Those looking for pre-compiled third party packages are in for a surprise as FreeBSD has revealed that such packages “are not available for the 9.1-RELEASE at the time of the release.”