The PlayStation 2 was launched back in March 2000 as a successor to the PlayStation and has managed to sell over 150 million units worldwide. But, the interest in the gaming console was on a decline after it sold maximum number of units in 2008 as very few gaming titles were being launched in recent years. According to Famitsu, Sony has stopped shipping the PS2 in Japan and no new consoles will be available for purchase once the current stock is sold out.

With a ‘fat’ version and a ‘slimline’ version as a follow-up, the PlayStation 2 never saw a third variant expect for minor internal tweaks that Sony came up with from time to time. PS2 was launched at a time when there was no Xbox, no 3D gaming in handheld gadgets, no Gamecube or Wii. Nintendo 64 and Sega’s Dreamcast were among the console’s competitors. Across its 12 years of lifespan, the PS2 has witnessed launch of as many as 10,828 gaming titles.

Sony launched the PlayStation 3 in 2006 and with advanced graphics capabilities and a range of accessories, the new console managed to win the hearts of PS2 fans and the March 2000 debutant has since been dying a slow death.