Having collected over $8.5 million in funding through Kickstarter, the Android based gaming console had raised quite some brows over its ambitious claims. Critics were of the view point that the project won’t deliver on its promises and looked like a scam. But, it seems that the console has silenced all those critics for now as the developer kits have already started shipping.

Ouya forums have got a “The Official ‘I got my OUYA Game Console’ Thread” going on with one customer having posted what seems to be a shipment notification email. According to the text of the email the developer kit has got a console and two controllers. The kits were supposed to go out on December 28 but, with the forum thread it seems that the few lucky ones are up for an early New Year treat.

For those who are not willing to purchase a hardware kit, the software development kit (SDK) will also be released, which is due tomorrow.