Version 2.17 of glibc not only includes support for ARM, it also comes with better support for cross-compilation and testing; optimized versions of memcpy, memset, and memcmp for System z10 and zEnterprise z196. The new version also comes with optimized version of string functions strstr, strcasestr, memmem, memchr, wcschr, wcscpy, and wcsrchr on top of some quite a few other performance improvements states the mailing list release announcement. Glibc v 2.17 can be used with a minimum Linux kernel version 2.6.16.

The ARM port was developed through help from Linaro engineering organization and according to developers the new version and additional ports are being distributed through the main git repository rather than separately. “After the 2.17 release the contributed ports add-ons have been folded into the main git repo and no longer need to be checked out separately”, notes the GNU C Library page.

The source code is available for download from the download page on the GNU website.

64-bit ARM has received some attention lately with Redhat developers already working on ARM64 port of OpenJDK.