Announcing the development, ARA and Ada-Europe said that the new version brings with it the concept of contract-based programming, Concurrency and Multicore Support, Increased Expressiveness and Container Enhancements.  Under the contract-based programming, developers will have the “ability to specify preconditions and postconditions for subprograms, and invariants for private (encapsulated) types.”

Ada, named after Ada Lovelace, is a statically typed, object-oriented high-level programming language that got approved as a standard 29 years ago and was designed by Jean Ichbiah and his team of CII Honeywell Bull under contract from US Department of Defense. The programming language has found usage in niche areas including space travel, aviation, air traffic control, rail traffic and the financial sector.

Ada 2012 can not only be applied to areas mentioned above but, can also be used in academics and research. “The new features answer real user needs, and help cement Ada’s reputation as a language of choice for systems where reliability, safety, and security are paramount”, said Dr. Edmond Schonberg, Rapporteur of the ARG.