Java SE 8 works on ARM based devices and has been specifically designed for development of applications for embedded devices and comes with JavaFX for Linux on ARM processors, which is Oracle’s framework for cross-platform rich-client based applications.

Through the release, the devs over at Oracle are hoping to receive, from the community, feedback in terms of both the success stories as well as any failures. According to Stephen Chin, Java Technology Evangelist at Oracle, “This is a great platform for doing small embedded projects, a low cost computing system for teaching, and great fun for hobbyists.”

Oracle has setup a list of known issues that its developers have encountered and has the community to submit their findings / bugs, if not in the list already, through to the JIRA Bug Tracking System. The developer preview can be downloaded from here.

Chin has produced a step by step guide using which Java SE 8 enthusiasts can set up Linux and the Java preview on the Raspberry Pi.