According to Adweek, the online retail giant has been busy building an advertising platform that has the potential to turning the ecommerce company into a big-time media company. The real-time bidding will let Amazon analyze buying habits of its clients based on which it shall present them with tailored ads.

Google has been making over 30 per cent of its total revenue from Adsense and Amazon has a similar potential thanks to its strong online retail presence. Amazon has been already selling ad slots on its network websites and on its Kindle devices but, the new automated platform will put Amazon directly in the league of likes of Google and Facebook.

Amazon is going to use the full potential of platforms like Google AdX and PubMatic and using its recommendation engine will serve ads outside of its own network. Amazon is extremely protective of its data and will not be sharing any of customers’ data with any third party. Having said so, there could be shoppers who may be wary of such a targeted ad network and may not be game with Amazon’s move.