Hackers found a way to install Linux distros onto Sony’s gaming consoles but, the PlayStation maker was quick enough to remove this capability from its consoles. New users of PlayStation 3 not only had a gaming console at their disposal but, they also had a promising hardware on which they could install Linux distributions thereby making full use of PS3’s processor.

Then came Sony’s first redesign of PS3 which ensured that the ‘Other OS’ capability was off limits for new users. Following the redesign, Sony issued a firmware update for old PS3 consoles thereby removing this capability which didn’t go down well at all with the gaming community and Linux enthusiasts.


It seems that Sony hasn’t still warmed up with the Linux community as its webstore is blocking Linux computers. We have checked it through Windows based system where the webstore works just fine on Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. But, as soon as we went for Chrome and Firefox on a couple of Linux distributions, we were surprised by the fact that we have been blocked with an alert that the browser wasn’t supported.

Sony, please clean up your act!!!