Announcing the alpha release, Stéphane Graber said that the developers have decided to go for daily and fortnightly quality tests known as cadence testing as they are going to reduce the number of milestone builds. “Based on that change, The Ubuntu product itself will not have an Alpha-1 release”, notes Graber.

Ubuntu 13.04 will see continuous updates over the coming months and daily updated images will be made available. Following the reduction in the number of millstone releases, the Raring Ringtail is not going to see its milestone release up until 28 March 2013, which would be marked as a ‘FinalBetaRelease’. The team noted that the new schedule is only applicable to the main Ubuntu development and not the other flavors and that they may continue with their alpha-alpha-beta-beta schedule

Ubuntu release team has urged testers to test the latest daily builds for any bugs they may have found in prior images before they report it in Launchpad. The team also asked users to refrain from installing the alpha build or any of the daily images in production environment as they are not suitable for production usage. You can find further information about the development and release schedule here at the Ubuntu wiki.

Head on to the link here and have a go at the latest daily build of Raring Ringtail. ISOs for 64-bit, 32-bit as well as TI OMAP4 ARM architectures are available.