According to a survey conducted by Nasuni, 20 per cent of the 1300 business users are using the cloud storage service to store work documents. One startling revelation that follows this finding is that out of these 260 odd users, more than half are not even aware that they are breaking company rules.

The survey found that the highest number of offenders sit at the top of the company hierarchy i.e. Vice Presidents, directors and the C-executives with their personal iPads, iPhone and other mobile computing devices despite the fact that the cloud storage service was recently hacked.

Dropbox claims to have over 100 million users and the survey results shouldn’t come as a surprise as cloud storage is becoming increasingly popular and with more and more users using such services to store photos, documents.

Shadow IT – technology that becomes part of an organization, virtually, but is not within the realms of control of the IT department of that organization is increasingly become common and system administrators and security teams of organizations are mere spectators to this increasing evil.