According to Torvalds because of some hiccups following the “resurrection of a kswapd issue,” he wasn’t comfortable releasing the version 3.7 this week and instead went ahead with another release candidate. Torvalds revealed in his release announcement that because of this delay, the merge window for Linux 3.8 will close just around Christmas time.

Torvalds is not going to entertain any fixes for the 3.7 kernel until and unless they are some major fixes. “And because I’m dragging it out for another week, I’m going to be *very* bitter if anybody sends me pull requests this late in the game that aren’t for major issues”, notes Torvalds. Torvalds advised that minor fixes should be held back for now and they will be incorporates in Linux 3.8.

“If you send me small irrelevant stuff that doesn’t fix major issues (oopses, security, things like that), I’m going to curse at you and ignore your pull request. So don’t do it,” said Torvalds.