The MySQL exploits range from remote exploitation of a Windows box on which the database is installed to privilege escalation exploits. The thing that may probably deter script kiddies from using the exploits directly would be that these MySQL exploits require a legitimate connection for execution of the exploit code.

Some of the exploits released by kingcope affect MySQL packages that are installed with default settings. The ‘mysqljackpot’ exploit is one such exploit. “if the default options are set, the server is vulnerable out of the box”, reads the full disclosure page.

Beyond the privilege escalation exploits, the hacker has also released exploits that target database crash vulnerabilities in MySQL that would lead to a denial of service and a vulnerability that would enable attackers to enumerate users.

The hacker has also released an exploit that target vulnerabilities in FreeSSHd that would enable attackers to login using any arbitrary password thus bypassing the password check.

Considering the vulnerability patching In view of Oracle’s approach to patching, MySQL administrators will do well to restrict their database access so that databases can only be accessed from selected, specially protected systems.

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