The Promo Bay was launched this week as a promotion platform for content creators like filmmakers, musicians enabling them to showcase their talent and work to thousands of people across the web. Even though the idea is novel, The Promo Bay has somehow found itself on a block list alongside the Pirate Bay because of which the site is facing the blockade.

If the blockade continues, it won’t be too farfetched to assume that UK based artists might not be able to benefit from the opportunity that The Promo Bay provides. ISPs in the UK are blocking the new site with a similar message as is displayed for The Pirate Bay. The block on the promotion platform seems to be a mistake and probably will be resolved it is believed.

The thing that affirms the belief that the appearance of Promo Bay on the block list is accidental is that new site’s servers are not being controlled by the Pirate Bay admins and that it is hosted on different servers from that of the torrent tracking site.

TorrentFreak was able to confirm the blocks on BT, Virgin Media and BE but, it is likely that other ISPs may also have enforced such a blockade.