Renesys, a research firm, keeping tabs on the health of the Internet reported at about 5:25 ET that Syria’s Internet connectivity has been shut.  The internet traffic from outside to Syrian IP addresses is going undelivered and anything coming out from within the country is not reaching the Internet.

There have been no reports as to why the connectivity was shut but, it won’t be too farfetched to assume that this disconnection may be a way to control the information flow from Syria to the outside.

Akamai has reported that its traffic data supports what Renesys has observed. According to a tweet, the firm revealed that there was a sudden vertical drop in the traffic in terms of bandwidth. People have taken to twitter as the hashtag #SyriaBlackout brings out tons of search results about the Internet and cellular outage.

According to Seattle Times, Syrian activists have revealed that the government has not only cut off the Internet but, also wireless phone connections in and around the capital city of Damascus.

Google’s transparency report is also showing similar stats with traffic from Syria for all its products just down to ‘zero’ all of a sudden.