The Raspberry Pi is about to receive an enhancement – a $25 (£16) camera module that will be capable of not only snapping pictures but also will be able to record 1080p videos. The module was showcased by RS Components at the Elecontrica 2012 in Germany and according to the Raspberry Pi Foundation the camera module will be equipped with a 5 MP sensor. The camera module’s board is still in prototype stage and is expected to reach production sometime soon.

Windows 64-bit users will have to live without 64-bit Firefox version of Firefox for now as Mozilla has decided to put this particular variant of Firefox on hold as it wants to concentrate more on the 32-bit versions it has been found. Benjamin Smedberg, a Firefox developer, put forward the proposal last week citing reasons such as missing plugins for 64-bit version; lack of windowproc hooking which facilitates smooth functioning of whatever plugins are available; and inability to work on the crash reports submitted for the 64-bit versions because they were not on high priority.

Homebrewers have claimed that they have defeated the anti-piracy features incorporated by Nintendo in its latest gaming console – the Wii U and have claimed that they have been successful in jailbreaking the console. The hack is the one that worked on old Wii systems and is claimed to be working on the Wii U when it is run in legacy Wii mode. The site also has a list of games through which the exploit can be executed on the Wii U.

The Linux Foundation’s plans of releasing a signed pre-bootloader that will enable users to install Linux alongside Windows 8 systems with UEFI have been reportedly delayed. James Bottomley, Parallels’ CTO disclosed that he has been having rather bizarre experiences with Microsoft sysdev centre. Bottomley, when asked about the status of the project, said, “We’re all done and dusted with the signed contract with Microsoft and the binary ready to release.  However, I’ve been having bizarre experiences with the Microsoft sysdev centre.”