Showcased by RS Components at the Elecontrica 2012 in Germany [watch video here] the £16 (apprx) module will be equipped with a 5MP sensor and will plug into the otherwise unused CSI pins of the Pi. The camera module’s board is still in prototype stage and is expected to reach production sometime soon.

Liz Upton, Executive Director of the Foundation said in a blog post, “We’ve a (very) little way to go before we’re able to send it out to manufacture.” According to Upton, testing slots have been booked in December to check on electromagnetic radiations from the ribbon cable.

“We’ve got some testing chamber time booked in December; we need to be sure that that big ribbon cable doesn’t emit any forbidden electromagnetic radiation”, she wrote.

Raspberry Pi has been talk of the town since its launch. A Firefox OS port on the Pi caught everyone attention following which a Revision 2 board was announced. A week after this a team of engineers managed to build a cluster of Raspberry Pis thus showcasing the possibilities of the Pi.

The Raspberry Pi foundation then announced an official 1GHz ‘Turbo Mode’ patch thereby enabling users to get more out of this credit card-sized computer.

The Foundation has also announced that developers over at Majong have ported Minecraft onto the Raspberry Pi and it will be available for free.