Matthew Garrett, in a blog post, disclosed his findings stating that when an UEFI-supported operating system is installed, the UEFI equipped Lenovo ThinkCentre M92p desktop checks for presence of “Windows Boot Manager” and “Red Hat Enterprise Linux”. Garrett was trying to install Fedora Linux on the Lenovo desktop.

According to Garrett, if the system that is being loaded doesn’t match either of the above mentioned descriptive strings, the UEFI neither shows the operating system in the boot menu nor would it let the system boot. This is probably the first system from Lenovo that hasn’t worked with Linux environment out of the box.

“This is, obviously, bizarre” notes Garrett.  “A vendor appears to have actually written additional code to check whether an OS claims to be Windows before it’ll let it boot”, he added.

Lenovo has confirmed the issue through a tweet saying that they are looking into it. “We’re alerted the team and are looking into it.”