Showcased at the fourth annual Maker Faire Africa in Lagos, Nigeria, the generator is an eco-friendly system that generates electricity by separating hydrogen present in the excreted bodily fluids with an electrolytic cell. The design is more or less crude as of now and if enough attention and funding are made available, chances are that this pee-powered generator may very well be available at your local hardware store.

The overall process is divided into four stages: first hydrogen is separated from the urine using an electrolytic cell; secondly the hydrogen goes through a water filter for purification following which it is pushed into a gas cylinder; next up the gas cylinder pushes hydrogen into a cylinder of liquid borax that helps removing any moisture from the hydrogen gas and finally the purified hydrogen gas is pushed into the generator.

The generator looks promising but, with just one-way valves for security and the use of gas cylinders makes it a pee-powered mini-bomb and work would need to be done to make it safe for general use.