A malware TROJ_FAKEAV.EHM and a phishing email specifically targeting Windows 8 users have been detected by Trend Micro. The malware infects Windows 8 systems by displaying a fake antivirus scanning window in a bid to intimidate gullible users asking them to pay for fake antivirus. The antivirus company has claimed that the malware is spreading through numerous malicious sites.

Trend Micro notes that the fake antivirus malware is definitely dangerous but, it doesn’t come as a surprise. This is because scammers are known to piggyback on popular software, operating systems and websites to spread their malware and carry out their dirty deeds. Gelo Abendan notes in a blog post, “It is typical for cyber criminals to piggyback on the highly-anticipated release of any latest technology to take their malware, spam, malicious app to new heights.”

Another scam that has been noticed is a phishing email that looks as if it is a free Windows 8 download offer but, is actually trying to fool users into handing over email address, password and other sensitive data.


“Instead of a free OS, they are lead to a phishing site that asks for personally identifiable information (PII) like email address, password, name that can be peddled in the underground market or used for other cybercriminal activities”, reads the post.