According to National Association of Newspapers in Brazil (ANJ) that represents 154 newspapers that make up nearly 90 per cent of those in circulation in Brazil, because of Google displaying the news snippets, newspapers’ plans of online expansion and growth are being hindered. During a debate at the Inter American Press Association’s 68th General Assembly German attorney Felix Stang said, “platforms like Google’s compete directly with newspapers and magazines because they work like home pages and use content from them.”

In an emailed statement to Knight Center, Google ANJ President Carlos Fernando Lindenberg Neto said, “Google News benefits commercially from that quality content and is unwilling to discuss a remuneration model for the production of these materials.”

“We concluded (…) that staying in Google News was not helping us grow our digital audiences. On the contrary, by providing the first few lines of our stories to Internet users, the service reduces the changes that they will look at the entire story in our web sites,” Lindenberg added further.

Google recently threatened French media sites that it will stop linking them if a proposed law about charging Google for content was passed in France. The search engine giant claimed that it redirects as many as four billion hits a month to French news sites through Google News.