Photo of these chips are floating around on Facebook. This development is definitely going to go against those third-party vendors who have licensed the technology from Apple to build their official accessories for the iPhone 5 and future iDevices. The reason behind Apple using such an authentication chip and adaptive technology in its connector was to stop unofficial accessories from being manufactured.


The photo shown here contains quite a few clones of these authentication chips and from the looks of it there might be many more that may be floating over on the other side of the Great Wall of China. Consumers would probably be happy that they would now have the option of getting cheaper iPhone 5 accessories as compared to those sold by Apple’s MFI partners but, it wouldn’t go down well with these partners as they would have shelled out quite a few green ones to license the technology.

Earlier there were news of first ever iPhone 5 lightning connector that not only charges the phone, transfers data but, also glows depending upon the battery status.

[Source: AppleMuseumTaiwan]