Hacking collective going by the name of The Hackers Army has posted what seems to be information about details of FBI’s mail server. Listed in the Pastebin post are details such as MX Records, A Records and Name server records. The post also contains a list of seven vulnerable ports on the FBI InterCommunication Intranet.


The authenticity of the post cannot be ascertained yet as neither The Hackers Army nor anyone else has posted any further details that would give any hints about the validity of this post. There is a little buzz on Twitter regarding this post. Not much information is available from these tweets either as they all link back to the same Pastebin post.


The hacking collective has also posted 293 emails and passwords that allegedly belong to personnel working with the FBI. Contained in the list are emails for domains “ic.fbi.gov”, “navy.mil”, “us.af.mil”, “crs.loc.gov”, and “langley.af.mil” among others.