India is the second most populous country in the world and if Facebook wants to add more users to its tally, there is no better place to look for than the country where people are crazy about freebies. Facebook is giving out the money in the form of airtime credits on users’ mobile number. The offer is only available to users who register through the following link

We have registered using the site and the process is no different from that of a standard registration process. We haven’t received the free talktime yet as according to Facebook , it will take 3 days for the credit.

This move by Facebook is definitely going to boost the number of fake profiles as it is particularly very easy to buy new mobile numbers in India. Facebook has been working hard towards getting as many fake profiles off as possible but, this scheme is going to increase its work in that arena. This will not only guarantee lot of spam profiles but, will also become a lucrative pocket money making scheme for college going kids.