The 7 years old Xbox dashboard didn’t receive a redesign or an update for quite a long time and this is the reason Microsoft rolled one out today. Some of the major changes include recommendations and ratings, pinning, Xbox video, enhanced search on top of the IE browser and new music app. Some of the minor changes include resizing of fonts and more tiles on the screen.

Microsoft hasn’t revamped the over look and feel of the dashboard as the metro-style UI still remains. This is probably because Redmond wants to go for an interface that looks the same across all of its products. The browser included this time around is based off Internet Explorer 9 but, with TV screen in mind thus making the text and windows larger as compared to a desktop version.

All users will not be getting the update straight away though as Microsoft is aiming to go for update in batches. The first batch is probably of around 3 million users and so others will have to stick around a little longer, may be a couple of weeks, before they receive their new dashboard.