According to Redmond, Motorola has implemented a method of overlaying two sets of data by obtaining map from one database and resource information from another in Google Maps which directly violates a patent it holds.

The Windows 8 maker has filed the lawsuit against Motorola Mobility and its German subsidiary in a regional court of Munich and it will start on Thursday. One might question as to why Microsoft is going after Motorola only when it comes to this patent? It turns out that Redmond already has licensing agreements with HTC, Samsung and most of the Android market that indirectly covers licenses to all Microsoft’s Android-related patents except with Motorola.

This particular patent is going to be tricky for Motorola as well as Google to find a workaround for as this would implicate change in coding, which we presume wouldn’t be that easy to carry out or come up with in a few days.


Microsoft recently won sales bans on Motorola devices in Germany because it was proved that Motorola violated three Microsoft patent – a FAT file system patent, an SMS patent and a method that of handling communication between keyboard and an app. One of the injunctions implicate sales ban on Motorola Atrix, the Droid Razr and the Droid Razr Maxx phones.