Prying open the new iPod Touch, iFixit found 512 MB of RAM, the A5 processor and Toshiba’s NAND flash. Some of the other components that iFixit found were Apple’s 3381064 dialog power management IC, Murata 339S0171 Wi-Fi module, Broadcom BCM 5976 touchscreen controller and Texas Instruments 27AZ5R1 touchscreen SoC among others.

The main hurdle in opening the new iPod Touch, according to the teardown experts, is the lack of external screws. Heat gun had to be used for about 30 seconds to soften the adhesives at the bottom and top of the iDevice before iFixit could pry it open. The home button is also weaker on the new iPod Touch as compared to the new iPhone 5.

A couple of other seemingly ‘tough’ components to repair / handle are cables connected to the logic board that run over the top and connect on the bottom and battery that is secured using an adhesive and soldered to the logic board.

According to iFixit, “repair is not impossible, but it’s certainly going to be difficult and expensive if one component breaks.”