The ads, four in all, leaked by are similar in style to the Windows 8 Release Preview video. The first of the ads titled “Work hard, play hard” shows Windows 8 in action on a tablet with snap views. The ad also shows the OS on a desktop with Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud being used to sync settings and data.

The ad “Make it Yours” focuses more or less on the customization options that will be available to users. The ad titled “all about the apps” is all about built-in apps on the new Windows Store. The final ad “Meet Windows 8” gives a brief intro into what the new operating system is all about.

Through the ads Redmond is focusing on teaching and training users how to use the Windows 8 as the new interface is a complete overhaul from the desktop based interface users have been using up until now. Watch all the ads below. Microsoft has already sent out invites for the October 26 event.