The cable and dock is capable of not only charging the iPhone 5 and the latest iPod touch, it can also connect to iTunes on Windows PC or Mac and sync the iDevice it is connected with. Dubbed The Flash Lightning Dock, it provides all the capabilities as the original cable and the dock stores the iPhone at a comfortable angle ideal for video chatting users. When in the dock, if there is a phone call, the video shows that the user can also activate the speaker phone.

The coolest thing is the glowing cable which accompanies the dock. As visible in the video, the cable glows with electric blue light when it the phone is charging or getting synced. The speed of lights is based on the battery capacity of the iPhone 5 – if the battery is low, the lights move faster and if near full capacity they become slow finally stopping when the iPhone 5 is fully charged.

An authentication chip inside the lightening connector that is said to be using adaptive technology is believed to be the main component that makes it cable difficult or near impossible to clone. But, according to the M.I.C Gadgets, the company behind the cable is using the same chip being used by Apple which they have procured from Cupertino suppliers.

iPhone5Mod has however revealed that the they have managed to obtain cracked chips that completely bypass Apple’s authentication functions and that these chips are working at par with the original chips. Check out the video below.