In an interview with David Brevik, President – Gazillion Entertainment, revealed that the game will be completely free. He said that unlike other games Marvel Heroes has been made such that it is free ‘from the ground up’. “We designed this game as completely free-to-play from the ground up. We wanted to make the highest quality free-to-play game that had ever been made,” Brevik said.

Brevik went to describe the free-to-play market as confusing and said that even though all gaming companies say that their games are free to play, there are very few games that actually are. “Everybody is saying ‘we’re free to play’ but they aren’t, it’s a small percentage of the game or something like that” said Brevik.

Stressing that the free to play concept is confusing he said, “From the consumer standpoint it’s hard to understand what is free-to-play and what isn’t, it feels like a buzz word at this point and it’s hard to tell”.

Marvel Heroes has already entered the closed beta stage and users who are interested in signing up for the same can do through this link.