About 13:00 GMT, forums on WOW started getting the first comments from users regarding player and NPCs dying on the Ragnaros-EU realm in Orgrimmar. Users of the online game started reporting that Draenor had a similar sight to offer. Some of the other realms where this was reported include Tarren Mill, Twisting Nether and others.

There are rumors that folks over at Blizzard were already aware of a hack and were working on to resolve the issue but, before they fixed the issue they actually blocked the hackers who were behind the exploit. This got the hackers angry and they went on to kill everyone in the cities. More on this as we find out.

Some particular user going by the name ‘Jadd’ has posted a video claiming to have nuked entire cities. There is no official news of Blizzard as yet about the reason behind the dead cities. [Blizzard has acknowledged an in-game exploit and has fixed it]. We have got the videos [below].


[Update]: There is a lot of chatter on Ycombinator and WOWInsider about this story.


[Update]: A few hours back, Blizzard has posted a message on its forums that the issue has been fixed.